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Big Sky Bike Adventures are bringing a fresh new approach to make your Rail Trail adventure amazing from start to finish.

When it comes to hiring a bike for the rail trail, you'll hear a lot about who has most comfortable this and most high-tech that. But not from us.

Sure, our bikes are made by GIANT - the world's leading bike manufacturer, and, yes, they've got a comfort saddle and wide range of gears for easy riding, plus a light-weight aluminium frame and front suspension to make the  ride easier.

But, at the end of the day, they're bikes. Not arm-chairs, loungers or beanbags...


Handlebars, a frame, gears, two wheels, and something to make them go round. Because whatever else you put on a bike, we still reckon the part that matters the most is the bit that connects the saddle, handlebars and pedals.


And we know you've got this.  

Your big sky bike hire includes a helmet, rear rack, pannier, water bottle holder, repair kit and torch. To save your tush, there are also super-soft gel seats available.

Half day and full day casual bike hire available, as well as one to five day hires for personalised rail trail packages.  



Adult: Full day hire $40 / Half day hire $25

Child (under 12): Full day hire $30 / Half day hire $20

E-bikes: $100 per day 

Tow ropes (USA Bike Toad brand), Tag-alongs, child trailers and baby seats also available for hire.



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The Rail Trail Guide Book

The single most important resource when travelling the Central Otago Rail Trail

A beautifully crafted book with amazing photography by Peter Andrews showing Central Otago as it truly is, one of the most rugged, extreme and beautiful locations on the planet. Stunning scenery, amazing and important historical and current information, detailed maps, lists of accommodation, frequently asked questions, where to eat, how far between towns, etc. It’s all in here.

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