Chatto Creek - Omakau

Chatto Creek to Omakau   Distance: 12 km 

  • This section starts by crossing State Highway 85 from the Chatto Creek Tavern to an information kiosk and DOC toilet.
  • The trail soon ‘S’ bends up Tiger Hill. The steepest part of the Otago Rail Trail, this gradual 1 in 50 incline made it possible for the trains to climb up Tiger Hill.
  • Have a well-deserved rest at Tiger Hill Gangers’ Shed to enjoy spectacular mountain views.
  • After riding under the State Highway 8 overbridge it's a gentle downhill run to Omakau, once Central Otago’s largest stock loading railway station.
Tiger Hill

This gradual 1 in 50 incline, the steepest on the Rail Trail

Tiger Hill Gangers’ Shed

Have a well-deserved rest at Tiger Hill Gangers’ Shed with spectacular mountain views.

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