Middlemarch to Clyde



All your transport requirements must be booked well in advance of commencing your cycle journey.

We recommend you organise to have your luggage transported from one overnight stop to the next by Bike Hire/ Tour Operators.

Sorting out transport from Dunedin to Middlemarch can be the beginning of self-planning your Otago Central Rail Trail experience. 

We hope the following helps with your decision-making.

  • If you fly into Dunedin airport there are a range of bike hire / tour operators which provide services to the beginning of the rail trail at Middlemarch. Intercity Bus does not go to Middlemarch.
  • Rental vehicles are available at Dunedin Airport and in Dunedin itself to self-drive to Middlemarch. An idea - especially when wanting to do the Rail Trail with a non-cyclist - can be to hire a rental as a support and side-trip adventuring vehicle. 
Middlemarch Train Station

3 Day Itinerary

app. 50 km per day

3 days and 152km cycling on the Rail Trail’s gravel surface calls for reasonable cycling skills and a good degree of fitness. The availability of hire electric-assist bikes is something to consider to help make 3 days more achievable.

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Clyde Main Street

4 Day Itinerary

app. 38 km per day

The most popular itinerary is 4 days. It is a enjoyable and achievable distance for most people giving time to explore the trail and the surrounding area.

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Poolburn Dam

5 Day Itinerary

app. 30 km per day

The benefit of the 5-day option is ideally suited to those who are struggling with their fitness or simply wish to spend less time cycling and have more time for leisure. Ideal for families with young children.

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The Rail Trail Guide Book

The single most important resource when travelling the Central Otago Rail Trail

A beautifully crafted book with amazing photography by Peter Andrews showing Central Otago as it truly is, one of the most rugged, extreme and beautiful locations on the planet. Stunning scenery, amazing and important historical and current information, detailed maps, lists of accommodation, frequently asked questions, where to eat, how far between towns, etc. It’s all in here.

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