During Kyeburn’s gold mining years, you would have found hotels, stores, a butchery, a bakery, and a school – Upper Kyeburn is still rich in gold mining history.

There is a  bridge that crosses the Kyeburn River on State Highway 85, which is known as the Pigroot. The Kyeburn School no longer runs, but this historic building still stands on the corner of the Pigroot and the Kyeburn-Danseys Road. You will find more history from Kyeburn at the Mt Buster White Sands in the Mount Ida Range, which reveals carved diggings in the white sand. Upper Kyeburn you will find a historic cemetery.


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Mt Buster

Kyeburn is a short drive from Mt Buster which is in the Mount Ida Range. Mt Buster has white sand, carved diggings, and caves.

Kyeburn Old School

The Kyeburn School is no longer used, as there are other schooling options within a short drive or bus ride to other schools such as the schools in Ranfurly. However the old school still stands and can be seen on the corner of SH85 and the Kyeburn-Danseys Road. It is privately owned now.

Kyeburn Community Hall

The Kyeburn Community Hall is used for community events.

Kyeburn Library

There is a small library in Kyeburn that can be accessed.

Kyeburn Tennis Courts

There are tennis courts in this community which are available for public use but has not played on for many years. There is no net but lots of long grass and rabbits.

Fishing at Kyeburn Stream

Kyeburn stream is a popular spot for fishing with easy foot access.

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